Vision Statement

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Our vision is to captivate on our community. We have a real compassion and desire for the homeless in our community to see them have a place to live, a job to work, and to pay for their living, and help them become more productive citizens for themselves and the community by and large.  We are a hands-on ministry that can provide an array of opportunities, such as

  1. Giving them a meal when the doors are open at the Little House of Hope & Prayer at 1328 Main Street in Sanford Maine at 7pm on Thursday night, and Sunday at 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm.

  2. Providing Prayer, with the hopes that their needs will be met.

  3. Giving them an opportunity to be a part of the Family of God.

  4. Giving them the opportunity to know that they can call on us in a time of need. We may not have all of the resources for their requests, but we definitely try to do our very best to direct them in the right path and the right channels to take.

The Little House of Hope & Prayer

The Little House of Hope & Prayer has been established for almost 2 ½ years. We are a real family of God, that prays together. We depend on God for our needs. We pray for each other with the hopes that God will answer our prayer in a time of need, whether for healing, a job, or just direction for where they are. The people that attend the Little House see our vision, and stand behind it. The people that attend are very loving people who care deeply about not only each other, but every person that comes through the doors of the Little House.  Our intent is to move from the space we are currently in, and have the opportunity to have a bigger space for the expansion of our church, to give more opportunity to receive more of the community.  We need this increase in space to grow.

The Little School of Hope

Our Little School of Hope  is a theological school to teach people about the fundamental principles of God’s Word, and how God’s Word can change the course and direction of anyone’s life. We here at  the Little School of Hope believe sincerely in all of God’s Word, and not just part of it. The community that has participated in the school has always been very excited about learning about God, because it’s a reflection on their everyday life, things they didn’t know, things they will know, and what the future holds for all of us according to God’s Word. The Little School of Hope is exciting, exhilarating, informative, and life changing.



The Greatest Gift
Gospel Music Group

The Greatest Gift is the covering for the Little House of Hope and Prayer, and the Little School of Hope. The Greatest Gift started in October of 2013. It began as a local, then regional, coastal, and international group. We have won almost more awards than most groups out there, over 200 awards, including 4 #1 songs, 2 #1 albums. We’ve been on an array of TV and radio shows, just recently winning the gold and platinum album award in Canada. We are a group that has paid its way for everything we’ve had, and we don’t owe anything to anyone.  The group’s vision is to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Greatest Gift has done this. With our national and international contacts, and with our new space that we are looking to purchase at 37 Cottage Street, this will be the home base and final resting place for The Greatest Gift, the Little House of Hope & Prayer, and the Little School of Hope.

If you’d like more information or to speak to a member of the ministry team, feel free to fill out the Contact form, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in the Little House of Hope and Prayer