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The Little House of Hope & Prayer is a ministry of the award winning Gospel music group The Greatest Gift. The senior Pastor is singer/songwriter Pastor Wayne Patterson. You can reach him by phone at 207-337-2296 or send an email using the contact page on this site.
You can learn more about the music and ministry of The Greatest Gift by visiting Following is information about each member and their role at the Little House.

Pastor Wayne Patterson

Pastor Wayne is the senior pastor of the Little House, and of The Greatest Gift. He and the group lead worship at the Little House. Our pastor is an accomplished songwriter and musician, playing several instruments, including piano and guitar.

Pastor Wayne preaches the message on Sunday night during the worship service. Pastor Wayne is not only a powerful preacher of the Word, and an award-winning singer, but is a true shepherd. It is not unusual to find him taking time out of his busy schedule to call and pray with members of his congregation. Pastor Wayne also leads the Little School of HOpe. (See School link on the menu), utilizing the 11 years of bible teaching he received to guide him in teaching members of the congregation, and other students.


Krys Patterson

Krys and Pastor Wayne have been married for just over a year  Krys is a vocalist with the group, plays the flute, and is becoming an excellent keyboardist. She is also the VP of Administration for the ministries of The Greatest Gift and Little House. All scheduling for the ministry is done by Krys, after Pastor Wayne makes first contact.

At  the Little House, Krys  leads the Thursday night bible study, with  a teaching, followed by discussion and prayer. Krys also assists her husband with caring for the sheep God sends to the Little House.


Mike Biasin

Mike is legally blind, sings and plays keyboard with the group. Mike is also the VP of Operations for The Greatest Gift and the Little House, handling all technical aspects of the ministry, such as making CDs, working on the websites, relaying emails and other messages and so forth.

Mike helps Pastor Wayne behind the scenes with gathering scriptures and other information he will later use in his preaching.

Ther are others whose prayers, help and support make the Little House an awesome place to worship, and a fantastic family of God to worship with. To all who pray and serve in any capacity. We appreciate you and what you do for the Kingdom of God.