The Little House Prayer Hotline – Ready to Pray for You!


Home April 2021


At the Little House of Hope & Prayer, we have seen many answers to prayer. People who have needed an apartment have found them. People wanting to sell their homes have come to us for prayer, and God has answered. A family asked for prayer for their son to be able to come home from Brazil. We prayed and he came home. There is power when God’s People pray. Mike Biasin of The Greatest Gift and the Little House of Hope & Prayer is ready and waiting to take your prayer request on the Little House Prayer Hotline at 207-730-3386. He will pray with you, write down your request and then give it to Pastor Wayne, who will pray for you in our next church services. You can also send your prayer request to and it will be prayed for. Let your request become another testimony of God’s Goodness. Give us a call at 207-730-3386 or email with your request today!

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