The Little House Heads to Amish Country


Home July 2021

Hi everyone. We all went on our fantastic trip to Amish Country. We had an absolute ball! We were only there from Friday to Sunday. We got in to Amish Country at about 5pm on Friday, got our luggage into the rooms, got freshened up, and headed to Millers for an absolutely fantastic dinner. We met up with Anthony Shamah and Christine Rio. we enjoyed a fantastic dinner, a great time of fellowship. We then headed back to our rooms and prepared for the tour on Saturday morning at 8:30. We went through the Amish lands, got a chance to buy some great Amish things, took a nice buggy ride, returned back to our rooms, and headed out to Shady Maple for another great lunch and dinner with Anthony and Christine. We had so much fun! I, the pastor, Wayne Patterson was so proud of our church. All of the members were such a testimony. We all worked together as a team. We all had different times to minister. What impressed me so much, as to why I love these people in our church, is because they have a true heart for God. They are considerate of others and always want to see the absolute best in each other. I’m so proud to be their pastor. They not only talk the life, they live the life of what a true Christian is and should be. May this be one of the greatest memories in your life here at the Little House of Hope & Prayer. Here are some of the pictures we took along the way. If you’ve never experienced the Little House of Hope and Prayer, you’re looking for God in your life, you’re looking for a church on fire, you’re looking for a church that wants to do something, not just come and sit every Sunday, then show up at the Little House at 1328 Main Street or join us live on Facebook on this page for our services Thursday at 7pm Sunday at 5pm and 7pm, with a great dinner Sunday at 6pm. We stand for the absolute authority of God’s Word. We don’t add or subtract. We take it for what it says when it says it, and believe every word of it. God bless you Little House, and all those who will view our pictures. Enjoy. Maybe you might have a chance to come with us, all of you viewing this post today, and have a great memory, like the people of our church just made. Once again, thanks so much for a great time. May God continue to bless you all. ALways remember that God wants you to succeed more than you want to succeed yourself. God bless you.
Pastor Wayne Patterson
of The Little House of Hope & Prayer


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